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Alternative medicine

Chiropractic care and the efficacy of holistic therapies

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder -- treatment

The use of Ritalin to treat ADHD

Endangered species

The removal of grey wolves from the federal endangered species list

Fetus -- Research -- Moral and ethical aspects

Why a zygote/fetus is a human

Genetic engineering -- Moral and ethical aspects

Genetically modified organisms and government policy

Intelligent design (teleology)

Should intelligent design be taught in public schools?

Mercury -- health aspects

Effects of mercury on human biological function

Stem cells - research - moral and ethical aspects

The ethical implications of stem cell research and whether or not this experimentation should be federally funded.


Bridges -- Construction and safety

What standard of engineering is necessary for public safety?

Engineering design -- Case studies. System failures (Engineering)

Three Gorges Dam

Nuclear energy -- United States

Nuclear power will solve the energy crisis

Renewable energy

Should the US actively pursue renewable resources instead of relying on oil?

Stem cells -- Research -- Moral and ethical aspects.

Should embryonic stem cell research be encouraged