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Accounting -- Moral and ethical aspects.

Ethical accounting

Public-private sector cooperation

Business partnerships


Advertising -- Moral and ethical aspects -- United States

Marketing to children

Advertising -- Social aspects -- United States

Companies misleading consumers with advertisements.

Beer commercials effects on young adults and how it effects their perception of drinking.

Apple Computer, Inc. -- History

Mac computers are better than PC computers.

Automobile industry and trade

Should the auto industry receive a bail out?

Bank failures -- United States


Business ethics

Ethical behavior in business


The big three auto makers should declare bankruptcy and restructure instead of being bailed out by the government.

Capitalism -- Moral and ethical aspects.

Capitalism is good 

Data protection -- Law and legislation

Should social networking be banned from organizations?

Diamond industry and trade -- corrupt practices

Ending corruption in the diamond industry and trade

Finance, personal -- United States

Is hiring a personal financial planner a wise decision?

Fiscal policy -- United States.

Is the Stimulus Package right for our economy?

Gasoline -- Taxation -- United States

Whether CAFE standards are effective in increasing gas mileage and total miles driven and whether an increase in the gas tax would be effective. 


Is globalization a good thing for businesses?

Is overseas manufacturing hurting the U.S. economy?

Government purchasing -- United States.

Government procurement and small businesses.

Industrial policy -- United States

The stimulus package

Minimum wage -- United States

Minimum wage

Teenage consumers

Appropriate marketing to teens

Wal-Mart (firm) -- Economic aspects

Wal Mart is bad for America