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Intercultural Studies (ICS)

Economic assistance -- Developing countries.

Current economic aid given to developing countries by the US is not working.  What are the other option(s) available?

Interracial adoption

Is it beneficial for adoptees to know about their cultural origins?


Martyrdom in missions: are western agencies too concerned with safety?

Persecution -- History -- Early Church

Martyrdom and persecution on the mission field - are missions agencies putting too-high an emphasis on safety and security.

Sex role - Biblical teaching

Complementarianism in all male-female relationships

Short term missions

Is there value in short term missions projects?

A short-term mission is not as effective as long term missions. 

Taliban -- history

America must proactively purge terrorism from the world


Adoptees -- United States -- identification

Whether or not adopted children would benefit from learning about their ethnic heritage

Church finance

Is church stewardship being done wisely?

Church music -- United States -- History and criticism

Churches switching from traditional hymns to contemporary worship music

Church renewal

Seeker vs. believer focused churches

Emerging church movement

Emergent Church

Feminism -- Religious Aspects -- Christianity

Influence of feminism in Christianity

Mass media

The American church needs to embrace change with regard to communication style.

Mass media and culture

The prevalence of and the influence that The Simpson's has on the US understanding of religion

Older Christians -- religious life

What is the efficacy of the habits taught older adults in order to help them cope with aging/dying?

Postmodernism -- Religious aspects -- Christianity

The increase of postmodernism in the church, specifically the Emergent Church.

Short term missions

Does a short term mission experience prepare you for a long term experience?

Effectiveness of short term missions trips


World slavery's affect on missions

Women clergy

Women in ministry