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Criminal Justice

Searches and seizures -- United States

What does it take to get a search warrant?


Alcoholism -- Treatment

Should alcoholism be treated as a disease?

Attention Deficit disordered children -- psychological testing

Over diagnosis of ADHD

Autism in children -- alternative treatments

Therapies for autism in children

Brain -- growth and development

Can children and adolescents be held accountable for their criminal actions, based on brain development research?

Crisis Intervention

Post Traumatic Stress counseling

Demonic possession

Can one use psychological terms and diagnosis to explain demonic possession, or is demonic possession something recognizable as other worldly?

False memory syndrome

Legitimacy of repressed memory

Family therapy

Efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy for victims of domestic abuse

Juvenile justice, Administration of -- United States

Should juveniles be tried as adults?

Marriage -- Law and Legislation

Covenant Marriage can be a good marketing tool for pre-marital counseling, which has been established as an asset to marriage. 

Mentally ill prisoners -- Legal status

Should criminals with mental illness be kept in prisons or mental facilities?

Rape prevention

Underreporting of rape and assault

Recovered memory

Should recovered memories be valid in court?

Terminal care

End of life counseling

Veterans -- mental health services -- United States

Mental health of returning front-line veterans