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Aircraft industry -- Military aspects -- United States.

Is bombing noncombatants justifiable?

Budget deficit -- United States

The government's responsibility to address and decrease the national budget deficit

Etruscans -- History

Origins of the Etruscans


The Holocaust - if it is a unique event in history

Health care reform -- United States

Health care reform

Modernist Fundamentalist controversy

The fall of 20th century Fundamentalism

Philosophy, American -- 20th century

Re-advent of American socialism/progressivism

Russia--History--Nicholas II, 1894-1917

Was the murder of Nicholas II the impetus for Russia's movement into communism, or was this change inevitable?

Terrorism -- prevention

Was it right for the U.S. to invade Iraq?

Teutonic Knights -- History

The Teutonic Knights

Trojan War

To what extent is there truth behind the myth of the Trojan War?

Wallace, George C.

1972 Democratic presidential primary