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Communication and technology

Computer-mediated communication is lowering intelligence

Consumer behavior -- Psychological aspects.

What are the key motivators in advertising and is it possible to use those motivators ethically?

Dating (social customs) -- computer network resources

Online dating

Interpersonal communication -- Technological innovations -- Social aspects.

The deterioration of communication skills due to a growing reliance on electronic media

Mass media -- United States

Should video game ratings and sales be regulated?

Motion pictures -- religious aspects

Religion in movies

Sex in advertising -- United States

Sex appeal should not be allowed in advertising.

Sex in marriage, Sex in advertising, Sexual ethics

Does the abundance of sex/pornography influence a Christian marriage?

Twain, mark, 1835-1910--Political and social views.

Was Mark Twain racist in his writing, especially Huckleberry Finn?

Women in mass media

How has the mass media shaped the role of 21st century women?


Journalism -- Political aspects

Media bias in political journalism

Journalistic ethics

To what degree should journalists be held responsible for the consequences of their reporting?

Public Relations

Freedom of information -- United States.

Government funded propaganda

Women in mass media.

Advertising content in woman's magazines

Sex role on television

How does MTV affect children?

Terrorism in mass media.

The mass media's handling of the war on terror; is it fear propaganda?

Violence in Mass Media

Do the media contribute to violence in children?

Women in media

Mass media and its effect on body image 


Christianity and literature -- England -- History -- 16th century

The context of religion in theater with an emphasis on Shakespeare

Theater -- Psychological aspects

High School musical theatre - education vs. ethics