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Academic Freedom

Academic Freedom - Use of Biblical materials for educational purposes

Prohibited books

Banned book in schools 


Achievement tests -- United States

How does No Child Left Behind affect ESL students?

Art -- Study and teaching -- United States

The Arts should not be cut in favor of sports in public schools.

Art in education

Should Art be required in school curriculum?

Bilingual education

Teaching English to immigrant populations in the public schools

Bullying in the schools -- Prevention.

Schools should prevent bullying as it has lasting effects: psychological, social, academic and health.


Should controversial literature be censored instead of studied in public schools?

Children of immigrants -- Education

Educating children of immigrants

Classroom management

Discipline in the classroom.

Early Childhood Education

Sending very young children to preschool - beneficial or not?

Should preschool be added to elementary schools?

Early Childhood Education- research

Is early childhood music education really beneficial?

Education -- United States -- Finance

Funding public schools

Education, Bilingual

Language immersion programs in grade schools

Bilingual vs. immersion education

Educational accountability

Should high-stakes testing continue to be used in school systems?

Educational accountability -- United States

Should the No Child Left behind act, which passed in 2001, be updated to reach more students and relieve more teachers?

Educational equalization

Intensive support for high-poverty schools

English language -- Study and teaching (Elementary)

Improving reading comprehension for at-risk student populations

Gender differences in Education

All boys or all girls’ school: good or bad?

Home schooling- social aspects

Home schooling versus public schooling options and the effects on a child's socialization

Inclusive education -- United States; Mainstreaming in education--United States.

Should students with disabilities be in the same classroom as those without disabilities?

Language and languages -- sex differences

Gender specific classrooms

Libraries -- Censorship

Banning books

Mathematics -- Study and teaching

Should computers or calculators be used in the classroom?

Motivation in education

Student performance incentives

Multicultural education - United States

Diversity in schools

Music -- Instruction and study

Music classes in schools

Prohibited books in history

Is children's literature a tool of propaganda?

Religion in the Public Schools -- United States; Music -- Instruction and Study

Should sacred music be taught in choral programs in the public schools?

School discipline -- law and legislation

Discipline in the schools

School week -- Stillwater (Minn.)

The five day school week is superior to the four day school week.

School year -- United States

Should the U.S. schools switch to year-round school?

Sex differences (Psychology)

Mixed gender classrooms are better for student learning single gender classrooms

Sex differences in education

Negative effects of gender-specific education

Sex instruction -- Study and teaching

Sex-education should not be abstinence-only

Teaching abstinence education in middle school

Sex instruction for teenagers

Sex education in schools

Single-sex schools

Single-gender education

Teachers -- Tenure.

Is teacher tenure fair?


Should it be required that teachers at a private or public school have bachelor's degrees in education?

Should schools primarily instruct their students using direct instruction, teacher-centered education, or learner-centered instruction?

Young Adult Literature -- Censorship -- United States

Censorship and banned books in public schools

Young adult literature -- Study and teaching

Teaching young adult literature along with classic literature in secondary school

Elementary Education

Multicultural education

Diversity in Education - diversity in race, but gender, culture, and ethnicity too.