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Librarian Framework

Collection Development

Develop and manage collections that support research and instruction in subject area(s) by contributing to the selection and management of content for the libraries collections in relevant formats


  • Use collections as a basis for engagement, research, curricular goals, or instructional goals
  • Select materials in relevant formats to serve the teaching and learning needs of the university's academic community
  • Work effectively with library colleagues to enhance acquisition, access, discovery and use of the library collections
  • Participate in cooperative collection development relationships to enhance access, cost savings, and shared resources
  • Strategically assess and make decisions regarding the acquisition, retention, and preservation of collections, including analysis of usage data

Best Practices

  • Manage print retention and maintain print collections, in relation to availability, need, use, and space
  • Review serials subscriptions and standing orders on a regular basis to make sure they reflect current teaching and learning needs
  • Collaboratively select and purchase e-books with CLIC consortium members
  • Communicate with faculty in designated departments related to the development of subject collections
  • Make purchase recommendations based on research interactions with students and faculty (i.e., syllabi, Research Desk)
  • Select and collect university-related publications, documents, and records in both physical and electronic formats for preservation in the archives