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Biblical Studies & Theology Resources

About Reference Books in Biblical Studies

Encyclopedias and dictionaries are reference books. Sometimes they are composed of multiple volumes. All subjects or disciplines have specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries which cover only a particular discipline or sub-discipline. These resources are especially helpful for introductory information on topics and issues in the subject field. There are many Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias out there. The following lists select the best ones available to UNW students online and in print.

Online Encyclopedias & Dictionaries


undefinedThe Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR) offers a comprehensive and in-depth rendering of the current state of knowledge on the origins and development of the Bible in its different canonic forms in Judaism and Christianity. EBR also documents the history of the Bible's reception in the Christian churches and the Jewish Diaspora; in Islam, in other religious traditions and current religious movements, Western and non-Western alike, as well as in literature, art, music, and film. Volumes 1–17 have been published to date in the print version. When EBR is complete will contain 30 print volumes. The online version, linked here, contains all the entries from the print version as well as some pre-print content. Compared to all the encyclopedias and dictionaries mentioned below, EBR will be the most comprehensive resource available.

undefinedCredo Reference holds thousands of subject-specific reference resources in many disciplines from reputable academic publishers. Credo reference delivers full-text entries as well as images, audio files and videos. There are over 40 titles in Religion & Theology. The list below links you directly to each of their best resources in Biblical Studies.



undefinedOxford Reference Online has a number of great reference resources for biblical studies. You can search all the religion resources on Oxford Reference Online here. Below is a list of the best reference resources from Oxford in Biblical Studies.

Print Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Dictionaries are a great place to better your understanding of a Biblical term, a book of the Bible, an author or place, or a particular concept. The possibilities are endless. Some good places to start are: