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Library DIY

Self-help Guide for Navigating the Library

I am looking for statistics.

Since there are many types of statistics, your search will depend on the kind of information you need.

Statistics Guide:

  • Find links to websites with social, demographic, religious, employment, media, consumer, government, and charitable statistics in the library's guide Where to Find Statistics.

More strategies for finding statistics:

  • Look for specific groups that might do research on your topic. Consider who would be interested in your topic (e.g. certain government agencies, advocacy groups, think-tanks, institutes, or companies) Then look at the websites or search for reports from these groups on your topic.
  • Search the Web. Many statistical sources are freely available online. Search for the kind of evidence you're looking for along with the word statistics (or data).
    Watch out for the sponsored results and advertisements that can look like regular search results (like the BP one below). When finding things on the Web, evaluate the source carefully for reliability and potential bias. 

Screenshot of Google Scholar search (contrasts the author of the first result, an advertisement, and later sources with more authoritative authors)