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Library DIY

Self-help Guide for Navigating the Library

I want to find books on my topic.

Enter a keyword that describes your topic.
In the library catalog Library Search, it is usually best to keep your search simple.      

Examples: bilingual education; gothic architecture; Greek utopias; cochlear implants.

Review the search results page for relevant items. The results page includes basic information on an item like title, publication date, format, and author(s).

When you find a relevant book, click on the title to see the full record. 

The full catalog record includes subject headings that describe what a book is about. To find more books with the same heading click on that heading.

Find more relevant books by viewing information in the left side of the the results page. Look under Subject to see subject headings associated with your results. Click on a subject heading to limit your results to resources on that subject.

Write down call numbers of relevant books.
Books are organized on the shelves by subject, so when you find a book on the shelf browse the section for other relevant books.

Your catalog search may include items with call numbers from more than one area, so you may want to browse more than just one area.