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To browse the library's collection of social issues and education books, look in the "300's and the "370's" section of the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme (below).

Remember education in specific subject areas is usually located within that Dewey area.  (eg. Music education - 780.71)

Education in the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme

You can also use the Dewey Decimal categories to browse the library shelves in order to discover books on your topic.

300  Social issues

370 Education

  • 371 School management; special education 
  • 372 Elementary education
  • 373 Secondary education
  • 374 Adult education
  • 375 Curriculums
  • 376 No longer used—formerly Education of women
  • 377 No longer used--formerly Ethical education
  • 378 Higher education
  • 379 Government regulation, control, support


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