Human Relations

Education databases

Tips for finding "studies" and "research"

When doing background research on a topic or adding to your resource guide, news and journal articles are excellent extensions.    Adding "elementary education" or "secondary education" may narrow your topic to more useful items.  In all the databases, you can limit to scholarly or "peer reviewed" and that also can help.   Remember, you may not want to do that if you plan to use the article in younger grades.

Combining databases in a single search

Databases specializing in Education can be combined with those in other fields in one search.  
Start with an EBSCO database like ERIC.

Choose a database: Ebsco

On the screen that appears, you can check mulitple databases. 
For an education literature review, I might add general databases like Academic Search Premier, Discovering Collection, and other specific subject databases that might overlap with my topic like PsychArticles, ATLA Religion, or Business Source Premier.

Databases for Children and Teens (K12)

Magazines great for browsing

The print periodical section is an excellent place to browse for ideas. 

Here is an excellent starting place.

Instructor Magazine

Searching for articles with Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search