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Art and Graphic Design
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General Art E-Reference Books

Finding Information on Works of Art

Finding works about a piece of art can be difficult.  We try to make it easier for you.

Using Library Search for Art Topics

Tips and tricks for searching more efficiently in Library Search and other Databases

  • If you are searching for a phrase, use quotes in the search.   (i.e. "industrial revolution" )
  • You can also include multiple terms with capital AND   (i.e. "industrial revolution" AND painters)
  • Using just an artist's last name can broaden searches.   
  • Make sure to look at the subjects in great sources to find others on the same subject. 

Worth a Trip to the Library

Art books are shelved in the 700's in the Dewey decimal system.   

710     Civic and Landscape art
720     Architecture
730     Sculpture
740     Drawing and Decorative arts
750     Paintings and Painters
760     Graphic arts (Printmaking and Prints)
770     Photography
780     Music
790     Recreational and Performing Arts
800's  :Literature