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While the library building is closed until further notice, the Library's online services and resources continue to be available to Northwestern students, faculty, and staff.

Please see this Guide to Modified Services for more information.

Hermeneutical Tools

What's in this guide - Hermeneutical tools

Theological Lexicons - Find Bible words and their meanings.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries - Find background articles on interpretive and biblical terms and topics.

History of the Ancient World - Find the historical background of Bible times.

Customs, Culture, Society - Find information on daily life and customs in Bible times. 

Chronology - Find charts and tables to illustrate the order of biblical events and topics.

Introduction and Surveys - Find background information and content summaries of Bible books.

Biblical Theology - Study the themes in the Bible.

Literary Criticism - Study the Bible by literary genres.

Methods and Principles of Exegesis - Learn exegetical strategies.

Lexicons - Find Greek and Hebrew vocabulary.


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