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Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: Cochrane

What is Cochrane?


Cochrane Library

  • A specialized resource for systematic reviews of evidence, considered the "gold standard" for Evidence Based Practice.
  • Contains full text for more than 4.000 reviews, as well as "protocol" which outline reviews in progress.

Cochrane database link

What's in this guide?

Search Strategy - Find tips for effective searches

Limiting Features - How to limit/narrow your search

Subject Headings - Using subject terms for more specific results

Search History/Alerts - Save searches and receive new articles

Favorites List - Save a list of selected article citations

Print/Email/Save - Print, email, and/or save lists or individual articles

Full Text Articles - Accessing the full text of systematic review articles

EBSCOhost Account - Create a personal account within EBSCO

Database Help - Find help from EBSCO and also UNW librarians


Berntsen Library

Guide Credits

This guide is based on the Cochrane guide created by:

Will Keillor
Bethel University Library