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CQ Sessions: Reading Lists

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Sessions provide professional development related to intercultural competence and diversity and inclusion for the UNW community.

CQ#2 - Diversity, Inclusion, and Institutional Faithfulness: Connecting CQ to Our Theological Foundations in the Classroom and Beyond

CQ#3 - Conversation as Cultural Pedagogy: Introducing, Supporting and Challenging Learners

CQ#4 - Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: Thinking Critically to Understand the Perspectives of Others

CQ#5 - A Pedagogy of Openness: Welcoming and Slow to Bid Farewell

CQ#6 - Who Am I in the Lives of My Students: Transference of Cultural Values, Ideas and Dispositions6

CQ#7 - Facilitating Interaction as Pedagogy that Welcomes Diverse Perspectives