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While the library building is closed until further notice, the Library's online services and resources continue to be available to Northwestern students, faculty, and staff.

Please see this Guide to Modified Services for more information.

CQ Sessions: Reading Lists

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Sessions provide professional development related to intercultural competence and diversity and inclusion for the UNW community.

CQ#1 - Words Matter: Representing Christ in our Cultural Conversations and Interactions

CQ#2 - Lord, Help Me to See: The Cultural Identity Journey

CQ#3 - Words Matter: The Effects of Colorblindness in Words and Action

CQ#4 - Racial Reconciliation: in the Church, in our Work, and in our Lives

CQ#5 - Pondering Privilege and Being an Ally

CQ#6 - Recognizing Blindspots

CQ#8 - Coming Together: Unity in Diversity