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Proctoring Policy

The Berntsen Library offers exam proctoring services on a space-available basis to:

  • Northwestern students or employees for enrolled coursework at other institutions
  • Northwestern alumni


  • Test-takers must make an appointment at least one week prior to testing.
  • The test-taker is responsible for verifying that library facilities meet their institution’s requirements before having the test sent.
  • Test-takers should contact prior to the testing date to ensure the library has received the exam.
  • A valid picture I.D. is required at the time of the test, and the test-taker must provide all needed supplies.
  • Postage and any other costs associated with the test are the responsibility of the test-taker.
  • The library will not retain a copy of the test.
  • Library staff proctors cannot monitor a test-taker continuously during the exam but will check on them periodically. Before scheduling an exam, please contact your institution to verify that you do not need to be continuously monitored by staff. 
  • The library cannot guarantee a completely quiet and/or private environment.
  • The library cannot accommodate tests that require special equipment or software and reserves the right to refuse proctoring service if testing requirements exceed staff or facility capabilities.


To request to schedule a proctored exam:

  1. Read the proctoring policy above.
  2. Complete the request form at least one week before you would like to take the exam.
  3. A determination will be made on whether or not we can proctor your exam.
  4. A member of the library staff will contact you with the decision, and if approved, to schedule the exam and arrange test delivery.

Library staff is available to proctor on a limited basis. Students must make an appointment at least one week prior to testing. Completing the request form does not guarantee test proctoring service.


Policy updated: February 2022.