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History of Russia from the Earliest Times to the Present

General advice

When searching for primary sources on your topic, it is best to begin with a search for secondary sources. Look in the bibliographies of the secondary sources to see which primary sources were consulted in the writing of the secondary source.

Library Search suggestions

Search Library Search to find to locate collections of primary sources. Create searches by combining relevant keywords with terms like "sources" or "documents."

Example searches:

"Russian history AND sources"

"Russian history AND documents"

Also try:

"Personal narratives"



When you find a relevant source, click on the subject heading in Library Search to find more items on the subject.

Here are some example subject headings for primary sources in Russian history:

Russia -- History -- Sources

Soviet Union - History - Revolution, 1917-1921 - Sources

Russia -- History -- Nicholas II, 1894-1917 -- Sources

Russian history websites and primary source collections

Books containing primary sources