Concepts of Biology Guide

Guide designed to assist with the Issues in Biology Project

Finding Articles on controversial biology Topics

Begin your search for articles on biology topics by clicking on one of the article databases below.

If you have a particular science journal title in mind, go to the Journal Title Search in order to view the library's holdings for that particular journal.

Science and Multi Topic Databases

Searching the Web - find article citations with Google Scholar

Search Google Scholar to find citations to scholarly articles. While some articles are freely available on the web, many are not. If you find a useful article citation using Google Scholar, check the Berntsen Library's Journal Title Search to see if you can access the journal through the library. If not, you may request the article using interlibrary loan by submitting a request through Library Search.

Google Scholar Search

Print periodicals

Journals and magazines in print format are located at the back of the Library on the main level.

Print periodical stacks on the library's main level

Journal title search