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BIO1009 Concepts of Biology

Guide designed to assist with the Issues in Biology Project
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Greg Rosauer

Welcome to the Issues in Biology Project

By now you have signed up for a controversial biological issue and have begun doing some background research on the controversy that exists.  You will soon begin searching for articles.  You need to locate at least four articles, with two supporting each side.  One of the articles must be what is known as primary research.  This guide is designed to assist you with this process. If you find you have questions about your research beyond the scope of this guide, please contact a librarian for assistance. 

Possible Topics for Issues in Biology project

  1. Is the Atkins diet safe and effective?
  2. Should antibiotics be included in animal feed?
  3. Are genetically modified foods a risk to the health of animals, humans or the environment?
  4. Should fluoride be added to municipal water?
  5. Should you avoid eating irradiated food?
  6. Is there a link between spontaneous or induced abortions and breast cancer?
  7. Does aluminum pose a significant health risk?