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The Torah Scroll

Viewing & Handling the Scroll

  • Access to the display room to view the scroll may be gained by contacting the Berntsen Library’s Archivist or another library staff member. Patrons may ask at the Research Desk. Library student employees are not permitted to grant or facilitate access to the display room.
  • Scheduled appointments to access and view the scroll are preferred, but walk-in requests will be allowed during the Library’s normal operating hours.
  • Please leave backpacks, purses, and other loose items in a visible location outside the display room.
  • Please do not touch the lettering on the scroll or attempt to adjust the scroll to a new passage. However, viewers may touch the roll and the margins with clean and dry hands. Please wash and dry hands thoroughly (to remove lotions, perfumes, residues) before touching the scroll.
  • No food or drink may be brought into the display room. If using the scroll outside its display, absolutely no food or drink should be placed, held, or consumed on, over, or near it.
  • Please mind any necklaces, watches, belts, or other accessories that may inadvertently touch or scratch the scroll.
  • Only pencils and paper may be used for note taking when working with the scroll. No pens or markers are allowed in the display room or near the scroll.
  • Photos of the scroll should be done in good taste. Remember that what may be “just fun” to you may be disrespectful to others.
  • Image files of the scroll are available to those wanting to study its contents further. Please contact the Archivist for access to the images.
  • Should any damage occur to the scroll (no matter how minor), please contact the Archivist or a Librarian immediately.