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SBL Style Guide

General Issues

General style issues pertaining to biblical and theological studies have to do with things like punctuation, numbers, terminology, and transliterations. Regarding punctuation, should you use an apostrophe or just an apostrophe with a noun that ends with an s (for example, Jesus' or Jesus's)? Or what is the proper way to refer to a biblical verse: Rom 1.16 or Rom 1:16Regarding numbers, when do you spell out a number or not? Regarding terminology, often specialized disciplines have many terms that are perhaps spelled a certain way or have a specialized meaning (for example, what's the difference between lowercase gospel and capitalized Gospel?). And with regard to transliterations, characters in languages that do not use a Latin script (e.g., Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, etc.) are given standard Latin characters for consistent representation where a word processor does not use non-Latin characters.

These general issues are discussed at length in §4 and §5 (pages 12-67) of SBLHS.