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SBL Style Guide


§6.1.1 (page 71): Sequence of Information

In general, the sequence of bibliographic information follows the list below. Most resources, however, will not have everything listed here. So if you're unsure where a piece of bibliographic information should go, follow this sequence.

  1. Author(s) or editor(s)
  2. Title of chapter or article
  3. Title of book or periodical
  4. Editor, compiler, and/or translator
  5. Edition (if not the first edition)
  6. Volumes (if citing the whole work, give total number of volumes; if only a single volume, list that volume and its title if applicable)
  7. Series title/abbreviation and/or volume number
  8. Publication details: city, publisher, and/or date
  9. Volume and/or page numbers (sometimes located between 2 or 3)
  10. Electronic source information if applicable