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Children's Literature Guide

Worth a trip to the library

Searching CLICsearch for Children's books

The best place to start searching for Children's books is in the Library Collection.

We suggest you start with a Keyword search in CLICsearch

Using the Collections Facet in combination with  a subject or a resource type is very effective. 

** When searching for a particular book, placing the title in quotes can help.

Collection Facet

Searching by Genre

Searching by Genre's like historical fiction or fantasy is easiest in the CLCD or in Reference Books, but are useful in CLICsearch as well

  • In CLICsearch, using a historical time period like "civil war" can help. 
  • a subject related to the genre (like "rockets") is often the best way to find examples.
    • Science Fiction (subjects you might try:  robot, rockets, space, time travel)
    • Fantasy (subjects you might try:  magic, fairy, dream, fantasy)

Children's Literature Databases

Children's Collections in the Berntsen Library

The following collections are in the  LOWER LEVEL of the Bernsten Library. 

Collection Label Contains Organized by ...
NW Early Reader E Picture Books, "Read to me", preschool - 1 early readers author's last name, alphabetically
NW Juvenile Fiction J FICTION Early chapter books through middle school author's last name, alphabetically
NW Juvenile Short Story J SS Collections of short stories:
grades 2 - 12
author's last name, alphabetically
NW Juvenile Non Fiction J ### grades 2- 12 non fiction  Dewey decimial numbers
NW Adolescent Fiction A FICTION   Adolescent Fiction author's last name, alphabetically
NW Curriculum Library CL Curriculum resources for all grades  Dewey decimal numbers


 Special dewey numbers to remember in the Juvenile Non Fiction collection

J 398      folktales / fairytales
J 398.2   folk literature
J 398.8   rhymes & rhyming games
J 811      poetry