EEL4347 Children's Literature

Finding Honors Books in Library Search

You can use the last name of any of the Awards as search term in Library Search

Example:   Caldecott   or   Newberry  or  Batchelder   If there is more than one word in the award, use quotes  "Minnesota Youth Book Award"

Example of location facet You will get information about the awards, but using the location limit on the left will show you the books in the
  Early Reader  or  Juvenile Fiction sections of the library.   
  Our Library has collected winners since the 1960's so we have a sizable collection.  

Medal Award Books


The Berntsen Library regularly collects the books selected for any of several awards. This page also includes sources to help teachers choose "good" books for their classrooms.

What's a "good" kids book?

Criteria for what constitutes a "good" book for children is as varied as their readers. 

Below are some award criteria that might help: