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Biblical Commentaries

Commentary Series by Viewpoint

Here is a list of biblical commentaries with their viewpoints (moderate, liberal, or conservative), publishers, and intended academic levels. NOTE: The viewpoints listed are not indicative of every volume in the series. Rather viewpoints of each volume in a series may vary from author to author. 

Level: UG = undergraduate; Grad = graduate; Pop = popular

Series                 Publisher   Viewpoints       Level 
Abingdon NT Commentaries   Abingdon   Moderate - Liberal    UG/Grad
Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture   InterVarsity       UG/Grad
Anchor (Yale) Bible Commentary of the OT/NT   Doubleday   Conservative - Liberal   Grad
Augsburg Commentary on the NT   Augsburg   Moderate - Liberal   UG
Baker Exegetical Commentary on the NT   Baker   Conservative   UG/Grad
Bible Speaks Today Commentary of the OT/NT   InterVarsity   Conservative   Pop
Black's NT Commentaries   Hendrickson   Conservative - Liberal   Grad
Eerdmans Critical Commentary   Eerdmans   Conservative - Moderate   Grad
Expositor's Bible Commentary   Zondervan   Conservative   UG/Grad
Hermeneia   Fortress   Moderate - Liberal   Grad
International Critical Commentary   T & T Clark   Conservative - Liberal   Grad
Interpretation Commentary of the OT/NT   John Knox/Westminster   Moderate - Liberal   UG/Grad
Interpreting Biblical Texts   Abingdon   Moderate - Liberal   UG/Grad
IVP NT Commentary   InterVarsity   Conservative   UG
Life Application Bible Commentary   Tyndale   Conservative   Pop
New American Commentary of the OT/NT   Broadman & Holman   Conservative   UG
New Century Bible Commentary of the OT/NT   Eerdmans   Conservative - Moderate   UG
New International Biblical Commentary of the OT/NT   Hendrickson   Conservative   UG
New International Commentary on the OT/NT   Eerdmans     Conservative   UG/Grad
New International Greek Testament Commentary   Eerdmans   Conservative - Moderate   Grad
New Interpreters Bible OT/NT   Abingdon   Conservative - Liberal   UG/Grad
NIV Application Commentary of the OT/NT   Zondervan   Conservative   UG
Pillar NT Commentary   Eerdmans   Conservative   UG/Grad
Sacra Pagina   Liturgical Press   Conservative - Moderate   UG/Grad
Tyndale OT/NT Commentaries   Eerdmans   Conservative   UG
Word Biblical Commentary of the OT/NT   Zondervan (formerly: Nelson; Word)   Conservative - Moderate   Grad
Wycliffe Exegetical Commentary of the OT/NT   Moody   Conservative   UG