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BIO2113 Principles of Biology III Lab

A guide to assist you in finding research articles for the plant decomposition lab assignment

Library Search

Finding articles to support your research

Begin your search by going to Library Search on the main page.  Enter keywords and use the limits on the left to select "Articles" and "Peer-reviewed Journals."

You can also go directly to the article databases which are listed in the box below.

If you have a particular science / biology journal title in mind, go to the Journal Title Search to view the library's holdings for that particular journal.

Finding Articles Through Specific Databases

Google Scholar

Search Google Scholar to find citations to scholarly articles.  While some articles are freely available via the web, many are not.  If you find a useful article citation using Google Scholar, check the Berntsen Library's Journal Title Search to see if you can access the journal via the library. Otherwise, you may request the article via Inter-Library Loan by submitting a request through Library Search.

Google Scholar Search