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Building Information

Study Spaces

Study Rooms

The Berntsen Library has six study rooms designed to accommodate groups of four to six people. Two study rooms are on the main level; four are on the upper level. 

Reservations are required and can be made in advance or upon claiming an empty room. Whiteboard markers are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk. You may reserve a study room online using the link below.

Other Study Spaces

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The Library’s Main Level is designed as a working/talking floor.  Study spaces on this level include:

  • Reading Room - large study tables, soft seating, large windows for natural light;
  • Student lab workstations for individual use;
  • Flexible study space - located at the south end of the main level; includes a mix of task tables/chairs and comfy seating that can be moved around to meet various study needs and preferences. 

The Upper Level of the Library is designated for silent study.

  • As a courtesy to others, we ask that you limit conversation and silence cell phones while studying on the upper level. If using headphones, sound must be quiet enough not to disturb those around you.
  • Seating is a mix of task tables, individual study carrels, and soft seating.

The Lower Level of the Library has a mix of talk and quiet study areas.

  • Study spaces in the common area of this level include a mix of group tables, individual carrels, and soft seating.
  • Listening and Viewing Room - contains extra-large study carrels with power outlets and lamps. Students who like quiet study and task lighting tend to use this room for individual study. It also contains the library's audiovisual collections and playback equipment.