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SOC1035 Introduction to Sociology

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Jessica Moore
Research/Instruction Librarian
Berntsen Library

About this Guide

Use this guide to help with your research for your final Sociology project.

Final Project Guidelines

This final project will be a time for you to be creative and focus on one subject from the course. You will have the opportunity to choose a project to focus on in accordance with the topic that you choose. A few ideas to get you thinking include: a podcast, a recorded lecture (presentation), create your own proposal for a research study, create your own syllabus for a course on the given topic, etc. These are just a few ideas – your final project idea and topic will need to be approved prior to beginning your project.

General Sociology Topics



Economic Inequality

Race Inequality

Gender Inequality






Healthcare & Social Change

Social Determinants of Health

Recommended Research Strategy

1. Start your research with background reading on your topic.

2. Next, find books and articles related to your topic.

  • Search Library Search for books and e-books
    • Limit to "Books" to find books in print and electronic format
  • Search Article Databases and Library Search for articles
    • Limit to "Peer-Reviewed Journals" to find scholarly articles

3. Format your paper according to APA style.