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Critical Thinking and Writing Library Guide

Critical Thinking and Writing Library Guide

Welcome to the LibGuide for Critical Thinking and Writing.  The purpose of this guide is to supplement the in-class library instruction sessions.  In this guide, you will find the library assignments and handouts from the in-class sessions, as well as helpful information to assist you in completing the assignments and starting your research.

Prezi about the Research Process

Please click on the link below to view the Prezi.

Instructions for Zoom session breakout groups

First, assign roles for your group.

Leader: Open the source and share it on the screen. (Choose one of the three sources above - Reference article, News article, or Journal article.)

Questioner: Ask the questions about the source (below).

Recorder: Take notes on the group’s answers.

Choose one of the three sources and answer the following questions about the source.

Questions about the sources

What type of author(s) wrote the source?

     a. Scholar(s)

     b. Journalist(s)

What type of source is it?

     a. Primary source – a report of original research that was personally done by the author(s) of the source

     b. Secondary source – the author(s) cite research done by others

     c. Tertiary source – the author(s) summarize secondary sources and general information about the topic

By what process was this source published?

     a. Peer-reviewed

     b. Edited

Where/how would you locate this source?

     a. Google search

     b. Library catalog

     c. Library article database

     d. Browsing in the library

How might this type of source be useful for your research?

     a. Background information – basic/general information, facts, definitions

     b. A specific examination of a narrow aspect of the topic

     c. Alerts me to recent information about the topic

     d. An in-depth discussion of the topic

Class presentation

Empty Outline - Types of Sources