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COM2107 Communication Theory

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Nathan Farley
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What's in this Guide

This purpose of this guide is to guide you through the research process for a literature review and help you find research and articles related to your chosen communication theory. 

  1. The best place to start is with Background Reading, which will help you understand your theory and the ways in which researchers are applying it in their studies.  There are also great overview web sites to help you begin learning about your theory.
  2. The main body of your research will be in journal articles.  See Finding an Article for more information.
  3. It is always an excellent idea to keep track of research as you go.  Record key words, major terms and people, and names of sources. The Keeping Track of Research tab provides assistance in that process.

Please don't hesitate to contact me or any of the reference librarians if you have any questions.

Communication Theory Literature Review

The general purpose of a literature review is to organize and critically analyze a portion of published research focused on a communication theory.

Literature reviews are used to clarify

  • What background information is known about the theorist and the theory?
  • What research has already been done using your chosen theory as a base?
  • What positions and perspectives are taken toward the theory? 

Use the tabs at the side as a resource guide for researching your topic