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Information Literacy Instruction Options

This guide describes various forms of instructional contact to develop students' information literacy skills.

Direct instruction in the classroom, in the library, or on Zoom is recommended for students in any course requiring students to find, evaluate and use information.

Video tutorials, research guides, and research appointments are recommended as supplements to in-person or virtual instruction sessions. They are also recommended for asynchronous courses.

If you have questions or would like to request an instruction session for your class, please contact Jessica Moore or your department's Library Liaison.

Instruction Session in the Classroom


Librarians deliver in-class information literacy instruction tailored to the needs of a particular course or assignment for all or part of a class period. In addition to teaching research skills and demonstrating search strategies, librarians can incorporate active learning activities, answer students' questions, and offer individual research help.

Library instruction in major coursework reinforces and builds upon basic information literacy skills with a focus on discipline-specific research skills, databases, and scholarly literature.

Recommended for

Library instruction in the classroom is recommended for any course that requires students to find, evaluate and use information for projects and assignments.

Instruction Session in the Library


The library’s flexible learning environment supports active learning activities and individual research assistance. Students are invited to bring their laptops for hands-on practice searching the online library. The library's teaching space can accommodate up to 24 students.

Recommended for

Instruction in the library is recommended for interactive research sessions lasting the full class period.

Synchronous Instruction Session on Zoom


Synchronous Zoom instruction sessions occur online during class time. Librarians can demonstrate search strategies and techniques via screen share and allow student participation using Zoom features such as breakout rooms and chat.

Recommended for

Library instruction on Zoom is recommended for courses that meet online.

Tutorial Videos


Tutorial videos allow students to view brief demonstrations of search techniques using library resources. You can link any of the current tutorials to your Moodle course or request a custom tutorial to support an assignment in your class.

Recommended for

Tutorials are used as a supplement to (not a replacement for) in-class instruction.

Research Guides


Librarians can create online guides to support a subject, course, or assignment. Research guides can be linked to Moodle courses for students to refer to at any time. Find links to current guides on the Research Guides page..

Recommended for

Research guides are recommended as a supplement to in-class instruction.

Individual Research Appointments


Students can meet one-on-one with a librarian to get individual assistance with research. Appointments can take place in-person in the library or virtually on Zoom. Students can schedule a research appointment online.

Recommended for

Research appointments are recommended as a follow-up for in-class instruction.

Instructional Options for Asynchronous Courses (Dual Enrollment, Adult Undergraduate, or Graduate Courses)

Librarians can create research guides, video tutorials, or pre-recorded video instruction customized to the needs of online, asynchronous courses.

The Zoom research appointment service is highly recommended to support students in any online course that involves finding and using information for course assignments.