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Interlibrary Loan - ILLIAD: Using ILLiad

Use ILLiad to request items not available from Berntsen Library or CLICsearch.

Guidelines for your ILLiad account

When creating your account please use all of your UNW information [theRock login/password, email account, etc.]

This will make it easier to remember what your login information is and we will be better able to assist if you have problems with your account. 


ILLiad link

Click the link below to access ILLiad and place Inter-Library loan requests.

How ILLiad works for you

The purpose of this guide is to assist in the use of ILLiad, Northwestern's Inter-Library loan system. Inter-Library loan gives our users access to materials from libraries around the country.  If something is not available through our close CLIC libraries, we can place a request for the item from a wide variety of libraries.  

Use ILLiad for requesting items (e.g., books and articles) not available using Library Search or full text in the databases.

If something is checked out in CLIC for an extended period of time, place a request using ILLiad and we'll do our best to find it from another source.  Turn-around time for getting materials from non-CLIC providers is longer and can vary greatly depending on the material type.  Articles deliver can take a few hours or a few days. Books require shipping time and can take 3-14 days.

Also - book often have shorter loan periods, sometimes only a few weeks. Please be aware that loans via CLIC have the best loan periods and renewal capabilities. 

How Materials Are Handled

Once you've place a request using ILLiad here's what you can expect:

Articles: All articles are delivered electronically. They will be delivered to the ILLiad website for you to access. You will be notified via the email address listed in your account that the article has been delivered. 

Books: Books are handled a few ways depending on your user status.

   Faculty: can choose to pickup their items at the circulation desk or have them delivered to their campus mailbox.

   Undergrad Students: students can pick up their requested items at the circulation desk. 

   Distance Students: can choose to pickup their items at the circulation desk or have them mailed to their home.

   On campus Focus/Grad Students: it is recommended that you pick up your items at the circulation desk. Considering the length of your class schedule and average shipping times mailing items is often not a timely way of getting materials.

Video Tutorials

The purpose of these tutorials is to assist in the use of ILLiad, for registering and requesting items.

Access Services Supervisor

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