Becky Schleicher

Access Services Supervisor


With my main oversight being the Circulation Desk and the Library's (awesome!) student employees, I play a key part in keeping the Library humming - and have for the past 20 years. In my opinion, I have the best office in the building, despite not having a decent view of the outside world. When not in my office,  I'm probably out hiking somewhere in a MN State Park or camping with my friends or family. 
My top 10 "Best Reads" list includes classics like But Not the Hippopotamus, The Book with No Pictures, and any Calvin & Hobbes book. 


B.S.  Northwestern College (now University of Northwestern – St. Paul)—Communication

Specialty Areas

Student Supervision | Circulation | Interlibrary Loan | Course Reserves | Student Billing | Printing Envelopes | Candy