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Haburn Hovda Archives

Tips for using the archive

Before Starting

  • Consulte with the archivist in person, via e-mail, or over the phone.  The consultation will help the archivist determine whether there is anything in the collection that will meet your need.
  • Look over the Collections portion of this guide.
  • Browse the Archive's Digital Collections


While using materials, remember:


  • Items do not circulate.
  • You may only have a pencil, your own paper for notes, and a camera with you when using materials. 
  • Food and drink—including water bottles—are not permitted when using materials
  • To please make sure that your hands are clean before you handle any materials.
  • A self-service photocopier may be used to copy material that is flat and not too fragile.  Decisions about whether you may copy archival material are made by the archivist.
  • Other reproduction options, including photocopying, scanning, and digitization are available.