Checkout Policies

Basic Loan Privileges:


Faculty & Staff


Northwestern items only

Regularly Circulating Items * 6 weeks 3 months 4 weeks
Media Items [CD/DVD/VHS] 1 week 1 week  in house use only
Special Collections from CLIC schools

varies - 2 week average

varies - 2 week average - not available - 

* this includes most of the main collections from CLIC schools 

  • Renewals are based on the type of materials. Most books can be renewed up to 2 times for 4 weeks each.
  • Renewal of media items varies depending on which library owns them.
  • Renewals are not allowed on items that have a 'billed' status or have outstanding holds for other patrons.
  • Periodicals and Reference books cannot leave the building. 

Returning Items

We have 2 book drops.

  • inside at the end of the Circulation Desk. 
  • in the library entryway to the right of the doors.

You may return any materials [including items borrowed from CLIC libraries] to either bookdrop. 

If you have fragile items [some small/thin books or audiovisual materials in jewel cases], if possible, please bring them directly to a staff person at the Circulation Desk so nothing gets damaged or lost.

Note: During holiday breaks when the library is closed we will place an outdoor bookdrop just outside the front doors.

Fines & Late, Lost , or Damaged Items


  • Daily fines are not charged. 
  • Some items from CLIC schools will charge daily fines, but as long as the item is returned before it reaches a BILLED status the charges are waived from the patron's library record. 
  • All charges will be submitted to the Student Accounts office and they will apply the library charges to the student's account.
  • Charges on alumni or visitor accounts will be handled in the library. 

Billed Items

  • Books will be marked as "BILLED"  when they are more than 4 weeks overdue.
    • For each book, your library record will be charged a minimum replacement cost of $65. 
  •  DVDs, CDs, and videos will be marked as "BILLED" when they are more than 2 weeks overdue.
    • For each item, your library record will be charged a minimum replacement cost of $115.
  • If a BILLED item is returned and is in usable condition, a $5 processing fee will be charged and the rest of the amount waived. 
  • Charges for "BILLED" items are sent to Student Accounts office several times per month. Students do not pay library charges at the library.   Our billing through the Student Accounts office streamlines the payment process for students.

Lost or Damaged Items

If you have an item that is truly lost [not just late] or damaged [ie. the dog ate it] please notify us so that we can work with you to either buy a replacement or get it properly cleared from your library account.  We would prefer to know that an item is never coming back so that we can work on cleaning up our inventory and your account.  This also helps us maintain good working relationships with the libraries that share with us.  

Having items out on your account that are long gone hinders your access and keeps us wondering. Let us know right away so we can make arrangements with you.

Patron Privacy

In accordance with Minnesota Statutes 13.02 and 13.40 and federal privacy laws, library patrons’ records are private, and information contained in the record cannot be given to anyone other than the library card holder. When library materials are returned all traces of the transaction are deleted.

Food and Drink

The library seeks to balance the preservation of the collections and equipment with the comfort of our patrons. In accordance with this goal we ask the following:

  • Use only covered beverage containers at the library.
  • Computers or other electronic equipment is easily damaged by food and drink. Please, do not consume food or beverages at any table or carrel that has computer or other electronic equipment on it, including those in the Listening and Viewing Center.
  • Place all trash in the appropriate wastebasket or recycling containers.
  • Food consumption in the classrooms is defined by the instructor.

Cell Phone Use

To help maintain an environment that is conducive to quiet study and research, cell phones should be used only in areas where conversations do not disturb others (lobby, enclosed stairwells). Please silence cell phone ringers in all study areas.    

Test Proctoring

The Berntsen Library offers test proctoring services on a space-available basis to:

1.  current Northwestern students, for enrolled coursework at other institutions (no fee)

2.  Northwestern alumni, for courses taught at academic college or university level (no fee)

3.  the general public, for courses taught at academic college or university level ($25 per exam. Payment made in cash or check.)



Library staff is available to proctor on a limited basis.  Please call to determine availability and to schedule a time. To schedule a proctored exam, call Jessica at (651) 631-5298, or email jmmoore@unwsp.edu. Students must make an appointment at least one week prior to testing.



  • The student is responsible for verifying that library facilities meet their institution’s requirements before having the test sent. 
  • Students should call prior to the testing date to ensure the library has received the exam. 
  • A valid picture I.D. is required at the time of the test, and the student must provide all needed supplies.
  • Postage, photocopy, and any other costs associated with the test are the responsibility of the student.
  • The library will not retain a copy of the test.
  • Library staff proctors cannot monitor a student continuously during the exam but will check on the student periodically.
  • The library cannot guarantee a completely quiet and/or private environment.
  • The library cannot accommodate tests that require special equipment or software and reserves the right to refuse proctoring service if testing requirements exceed staff or facility capabilities.