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Expanding ideas in Education

Strong lesson plans are based on the creative expansion of a core idea.   The teacher's background reading is essential because it provides the foundation for those extensions.  This guide provides a starting place for that research.

This page describes some of the reference resources that can provide an overview of your topic.

The Find Articles tab leads you through the process of finding a journal or newspaper article.

The Find Books tab provides the keys to seaching CLICnet and other resources. This is great for finding lesson planning aids and other Curriculum Library Items.

The Multimedia tab provides tips on how to find Videos and Web resources.

The Finding Children's Books tab guides you through the concept of locating supplemental material for a unit.

Worth a trip to the library

A sample of items that provide an excellent starting place for research. They can help you find a topic and experts in the field, as well a provide starting bibliographies.

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